Beijing Fried Noodles | Noodles Rhapsody EP12 | Documentary | China Movie Channel ENGLISH | ENGSUB

Focusing on the most common ingredients that people come into contact with every day, season 1 - 'Noodles Rhapsody' carefully selected twelve kinds of noodles with different characteristics from twelve cities. Through "noodles are the most healing food in the world" to showcase the diverse food culture and rich regional culture of China. The twelve regions noodles are composed of Beijing Fried Noodles, Hangzhou Pian'erchuan Noodles,Wuhan Hot dry Noodles, Xiamen Satay Noodles, Guangzhou Wonton noodles, Xi'an BiangBiang Noodles , Datong Knife-cut Noodles and so on.
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