BLACK [S01 E02] Arabic, Eng,TR Subtitles Full Episode | K-Drama | Song Seung-heon, Go A-ra

Sad and beautiful fairy tale of a girl who sees death, and a man who prevents death. BLACK (블랙) 2017 | Season 01 - Episode 02 | Full Episodes with Arabic, English, Turkish Subtitles | Song Seung-heon, Go A-ra, EL, Kim Dong-jun

BLACK [S01 E02]
Both having important things to say to Mu-gang, Su-wan and Ha-ram visit his hospital room, but he doesn't seem to recognize either of them.

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BLACK (블랙) 2017 [Season 01]
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Supernatural
Director: Kim Hong-sun
Writer: Choi Ran
Cast: Song Seung-heon, Go A-ra, EL, Kim Dong-jun
Season 1 Episodes: 18ep x 60mins

Ha-ram sees the black shadows following the soon-to-be-dead. Black, formerly called as ‘444’ from the underworld, is a reaper who gets into the body of a detective. He is looking for his partner, who also ran into a human body. Finding out that Ha-ram can see the reaper’s shadows, he seeks to use her to get to his partner. But in the meantime, he finds out that there are people trying to kill his body as well. By trying to stay alive and witnessing other people's horrible deaths, his once stone-cold, merciless heart softens up.

The Characters
Black (Song Seung-heon)
A Coldblooded Reaper in a Trouble making Detective’s Body
Known as merciless and cruel reaper, he is the leading role model in his world. But his partner leaves a scratch in Black’s career by escaping into a human world. Trying to find his partner, he infuses into a detective’s body. By the time he gets used to his body, he finds out that there are people trying to kill this detective and tries to get out of his body. But somehow, he is locked. Not only that, he sees and dreams of this detective’s past.

Kang Ha-ram (Go A-ra)
Possessing an Ability to Predict People’s Death
Sunglasses are a must for her. She needs to have it on 24-7, as she can see shadows of death everywhere. The people with those shadows dies. She does not want to be part of that anymore and seeks for ways to eradicate the connection she has with the nearly dead. Meanwhile, she runs into Black, whom was her first love as a child. Well at least the human form of Black… By trying to save lives and help him, she gets closer to much bigger conspiracy.

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