Tuesdays with Moire Episode 57 Outside the War (Ivans Childhood, The English Patient, The Messenger)

On the next time over at the Tuesdays with Moire film podcast, it's time to shake things up with war films and take a look at a different point of view. More so, how war affects those that aren't soldiers directly involved with the war. From the perspective of a young little spy in Ivan's Childhood, to the view of a nurse tending to a war pilot in The English Patient, to the thankless Casualty Notification Teams represented through The Messenger. We hope that these films will broaden our horizons towards the impact that war can have on society as a whole. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/somerandomguy077

0:00 Episode Starts/ Ivan's Childhood
26:24 The English Patient
1:01:28 The Messenger (2009)
war movies
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